Tyler Zeigel – A Real-Life Monster

Greetings Patriots!

In Hollywood, the guy goes off to war and eventually comes home to his beautiful wife who waited for him like a vestal virgin. In real life, the Marine goes off to “defend the country” and comes home looking like this.

Tyler Ziegel2

Tyler threw away his life, proposed to his girlfriend and joined the marines to go to Iraq. In 2004 while “serving” there, he was attacked by a suicide bomber. His burning body was pulled out of a burning inferno. He was put out several times but kept reigniting because the fuel all over him was so hot. The blast left him severely burned and disfigured all over his body. He spent 2 years in the hospital and 18 months in rehabilitation and surgery. Though he survived, he was left with:

  • Blind in one eye
  • Ears, Nose and Lips were burned off
  • Facial scarring
  • Jaw fragmentation
  • Damaged left-arm which was eventually amputated
  • Loss of three fingers on right hand
  • Lost big toe on right foot, transplanted to his right hand.
  • Loss of dear ducts
  • A MASSIVE part of his skull was removed

He went from this to this:

Tyler Ziegel3

Lovely couple

To this:

Tyler Ziegel

Happy bride on her wedding day!!!

Though Tyler somehow married his pre-disfigurement girlfriend, it was anything but blissful. Tyler’s appearance wore on the bride. A mere year later, the marriage ended in divorce. The official reason was because it was a hasty marriage based on the passions of youth. But I have no doubt that the fact that he looked like Krang from TMNT had a lot to do with it.


Krang from TMNT

Tyler’s suffering didn’t end there. Children were afraid of him, no woman would have him and he had trouble getting a job. All he could do was live off his disability check from the VA. But even the VA turned their back on him and barely gave him any money.

A broken, disfigured, ugly, divorced monster, Tyler’s only mercy was his death in December 2012. The official cause of death was because he “slipped on ice”, but it was later discovered that the combination of a 0.123 blood alcohol level and massive quantities of morphine combined to end his pitiful life.

That’s all for now Patriots. Until next time, Semper Fi!

15 thoughts on “Tyler Zeigel – A Real-Life Monster

  1. Vet here. Modern wars don’t defend the US, they defend Wall Street and globalism. Take the time to look at the actual intent (which you can understand by the actions themselves) of modern military ops and other than taking out Bin Laden, most are exactly what double Congressional Medal of Honor winner Marine General Smedley Butler wrote. War is a racket.

    That said the actual risk of ending up fucked up is quite small. The US kills and maims far more people every year in auto accidents and we drive to their funerals without a second thought. I’d do another military career in a heartbeat, but I also have no problem with depictions of what REAL CASUALTIES LOOK LIKE. The American public should fucking KNOW and UNDERSTAND that even when you win, when you choose to send troops to war some of them will come back like Tyler Ziegel.

    Modern medical care can save torsos pretty well. Quality of life? That varies and if I were severely injured I’d consider suicide. Vets know we all die in the end anyway and that death ends pain.

    Don’t want to see more Americans like Tyler? Vote to put a leash on politicians who go to war for fun. Iraq didn’t require invasion yet Bush ordered it, but he did so disregarding warnings that it would take far more troops to control
    the country and our troops died for that desire to save money.

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