About Crypt Keeper

I have all my arms, all my legs, my face isn’t fucked up, and I am smart enough than to join the military, do jumping jacks and get blown up.

7 thoughts on “About Crypt Keeper

  1. I’d gladly take your arms off and beat you with them..hang u up on meat hooks by your legs, cut your balls off and sew them to your eye sockets. Your a coward and a piece of shit for creating such a discraceful blog to mock hero’s that became disfigured for your freedom to do so. Post your real name and address..I promise to post your disfigured humanity to your own blog when I’m done. – your worst nightmare


  2. That dickhead @th3j35t3r is coming for you bro. Hahahaha he’s full of shit that wannabe hacker. And I just wanted to say, about fucking time someone showed what really happens to some of the War Vets.


  3. You are lucky. You are a piece of shit. Hope you like your freedom we vets have given to you. You liberal piece of shit. You think you are funny, why not man up and let everyone know who you are. Too much a pussy. Don’t hide behind a computer like a little terrorist bitch. Come out and play you little insignificant piece of crap.


  4. Good to see you have all your limbs and shit…. Would be a shame if karma came and fucked that all up for you while doing something less than productive or for a cause. Good use of your freedom of speech and with all do respect, if you happen to catch fire and your limbs amd face were beginning to melt away I’d roast a marshmallow over your sorry ass and watch. Go Fuck yourself.


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