Rick Clement – The British Half-Man

Greetings Patriots!

“‘Christ, I am not a man any more.’ A guy can’t feel much worse than that.”

33-year moron and recent half-man Rick Clement went to Afghanistan to “defend the UK” from…not sure. While there, he stepped on an IED and blew off his legs.

On the helicopter ride out, he was clutching at his groin. A True British Patriot told him he lost his legs…but neglected to tell him he also lost his manhood. This is him now.

Notice the newly formed bitch-tits

Notice the newly formed bitch-tits

Perhaps out of guilt, perhaps out of fear that he might eat her to grow new legs…the half-man somehow managed to marry. But the obvious physical limitations of never being able to penetrate your woman created a bit of a drag. Why would a woman marry a mutant without his nuts?? Obviously such a marriage would not last!!!

The marriage sounded great for the papers, but took a turn for the worse very early on. After only two years of this sham-marriage, it ended in divorce.

Now he’s a half-man, divorced, lost his testicles, legs, and has to spend the rest of his miserable life in a wheel chair.

To add insult the injury, he was given a check for £9,075 from the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme for his genitalia and £48,875 for his infertility. Would you accept double-that to cut off your shit?

One more thing, the fat-fuck as a twitter feed here: https://twitter.com/sgtclem. Be sure to thank him for his service and tell him Crypt Keeper sent you!

~ Crypt Keeper