Brendan Marrocco – Quadruple Amputee

Greetings Patriots!

Today we’ll introduce you to another Broken Patriot. This American Hero joined the US Army, ran, jumped, did some pushups. Now look at him and laugh.

Brendan Marrocco

Brandan Marrocco, No Arms and No Legs

He joined the US Army to “defend the country”, or that’s the shit they told him.

On Easter of all days, he was driving an MRAP and was hit with a rocket that went through the door, blew off both arms, one leg and the other was later amputated. His gunner died.

You know what’s funny? He lost his carotid artery, so they literally took out an artery from his amputated leg and put it in his neck. So he has a leg-up from other army amputees.

His total injuries:

  • Amputation of both arms and both legs
  • Severed left carotid artery
  • Broken nose, left eye socket and facial bones
  • Loss of eight teeth
  • Shrapnel to the left eye and face
  • Severe lacerations to the face
  • Burns to the neck and face
  • Pierced left eardrum.

Here’s a video of the monster at Walter Reed while they play uplifting rock in the background.

“I got a lot of scartissue on my legs, so pretty much anything that touches them or pushes on them hurts real bad.”

While the ghoul got arm implants he will never have the same dexterity again. Ask yourself, even if you got the best treatment that money could buy you, even if you got 100 medals, were were thanked for your “service”, wouldn’t you rather just keep your arms and legs?

~ The Crypt Keeper


John Peck – Quadruple Amputee

Greetings Patriots!

John Peck could have done so much with his life. He had his youth and health. The world was ahead of him. But he threw it all away and joined the Marines.

Dipshit went to Iraq where he was injured. Instead of learning his lesson the first time, he went to Afghanistan where he was blown again up by an IED. He now has no arms and no legs. Look at this loser.

John Peck

John Peck, In a wheel chair for the rest of his miserable life

Think about all of the things that he will never be able to do? Open a can of coke, fondle a girl’s breasts, wipe his own ass. GONE. For the rest of his life, he is stuck in a chair.

But hey! It was to defend our freedoms that were sooo under threat, right?