Frank Sandoval – Missing Half his Skull

Greetings Patriots! Long time no see!

This is Frank Sandoval.

Yes, he’s missing half his skull.

HAHAHAHA, this guy is such a freak. But hey, he got a Bronze Star…I guess that “honor” was worth it, right?

Ladies…I know you’re interested, but he died in 2007. Probably had something fall into his brain 🙂


Broken Patriots!


Welcome everyone to Paralyzed Patriots! You can call me the Crypt Keeper. This site is dedicated to showcasing our brave men and women who fought for our freedom and…fuck it. Its dedicated to showcasing the fucking morons who were duped into becoming devotees of the military culture and paid more than the ultimate cost of war.

These are sick, twisted, mangled monsters who got too close to the fire and have to spend the rest of their miserable lives suffering for their crimes…but it was worth it for “Freedom”, right?

~ Crypt Keeper