Going to track me down?

I’ve been receiving death threats left and right. Going to track me down and make me into a freak like these freaks? A few things you should know.

  • My connection to this site is through 2-3 proxies, always one of the layers is Tor in the Tor browser in Tails.
  • I registered this through an untraceable email, so you cannot track me that way.
  • I never connect to my site while at home, I always bounce my connection off public IPs.
  • I do not use my regular computer to post onto this blog.

I’ll give you one and only one hint : I’m in the Bay Area.

~ The Crypt Keeper

9 thoughts on “Going to track me down?

  1. 1 other thing, we could still track you down if we realy wanted to but you’re just way too damn funny to track down.

    see proxies arent as good as spoofing ip addresses, even using torrents.

    Oh and no email is untraceable, everything leaves a trace not that anyone here cares. Most people here are just pissed off idiots that want you to take your website down. But I want it to stay up because this is way too damn funny to ignore. oh and hey look a butterfly!


  2. You’re a disgrace. The only reason you have this freedom is because of the sacrifices of the men & women you’re bashing.

    So you’re getting death treats? I hope so. Worried about someone tracking you down? You ain’t seen nothing, yet.


  3. this post should be called “Going To Track Me Down? You Can’t, I Made Sure of it because I’m a cowardly piece of shit douche bag who would never dare face any of you in real life.” I can only imagine how miserable of a worthless individual you are to write the things you write. Just know that you are the one who will suffer in the end.


  4. How can you do this?! You sick mother fucking bastard! We are willing to put our lives out there on the line. For you to do this bull shit. Those people that you are calling ‘monsters’ are the only reason you are able to post shit like this. Seriously, If you don’t want to stand with me strong, But rather cower behind me on a computer posting shit like this. Don’t be a coward. if you wont stand next to me strong or stand behind to support me then go ahead and stand in-front of me. I bet your family doesn’t even know you run this site, your grandfathers and great grandfathers would be so disappointed in you… I hope you die painfully.


  5. Wrong. I found you. Gotta love the NSA and the patriot act. Enjoy your traffic accident. I’ll visit you in the hospital. Then we can discuss the new identity I’ve created for you. Once your wheelchair is ready, we’ll be ready for your journey. See you soon.


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